Lissa Curtis


Thank you for visiting my web page. I never thought my life would take such a drastic, painful turn that would literally shake me to my very core. My hope and prayer is that my story will help others to "Be brave" and fight the epidemic we have in this country and the world, against sexual assault, rape and sex trafficking. It starts with gaining the courage to speak out against sexual assailants so the cycle of silence and shame will not hinder the justice that needs to take place. If you are a victim, you were probably not the first, and probably will not be the last. Statistically, 1 in 5 women in America are sexually assaulted.  I believe this number is much higher from the many painful conversations I have had. Less than 1% of rape cases get a prosecution.  This all needs change. We need encouragement from our families and friends to speak out. We need our laws updated that will help victims to be brave and come forward with confidence, knowing they will be dealt with dignity, believed and helped. The justice system needs to be more swift in helping the victim gain closure in order to heal. We need qualified doctors and therapists who understand trauma and have the tools to aid us. This country needs to be educated on the effects of sexual trauma to the individual, the family and their relationships. My story is one of manipulation, sexual assault and terror across multiple countries, and the life-changing after effects of complex PTSD. My name is Lissa Curtis; I am a wife, a daughter, a sister and an aunt; I am a professional ballerina; I am a survivor.